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Predestination erklärung

Predestination Erklärung

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Predestination Erklärung Video

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Predestination Erklärung Video

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Augustine wrote,. For He promised what He Himself would do, not what men would do. Augustine also teaches that people have free will.

For example, in "On Grace and Free Will", see especially chapters II—IV Augustine states that "He [God] has revealed to us, through His Holy Scriptures, that there is in man a free choice of will," and that "God's precepts themselves would be of no use to a man unless he had free choice of will, so that by performing them he might obtain the promised rewards.

God does reprobate some. For it was said above A[1] that predestination is a part of providence.

To providence, however, it belongs to permit certain defects in those things which are subject to providence, as was said above Q[22], A[2].

Thus, as men are ordained to eternal life through the providence of God, it likewise is part of that providence to permit some to fall away from that end; this is called reprobation.

Thus, as predestination is a part of providence, in regard to those ordained to eternal salvation, so reprobation is a part of providence in regard to those who turn aside from that end.

Hence reprobation implies not only foreknowledge, but also something more, as does providence, as was said above Q[22], A[1].

Therefore, as predestination includes the will to confer grace and glory; so also reprobation includes the will to permit a person to fall into sin, and to impose the punishment of damnation on account of that sin.

This table summarizes the classical views of three different Protestant beliefs. Lutherans historically hold to unconditional election to salvation.

However, some do not believe that there are certain people that are predestined to salvation, but salvation is predestined for those who seek God.

Unlike some Calvinists , Lutherans do not believe in a predestination to damnation. Martin Luther 's attitude towards predestination is set out in his On the Bondage of the Will , published in This publication by Luther was in response to the published treatise by Desiderius Erasmus in known as On Free Will.

Luther based his views on Ephesians 2 :8—10, which says:. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

The Belgic Confession of affirmed that God "delivers and preserves" from perdition "all whom he, in his eternal and unchangeable council, of mere goodness hath elected in Christ Jesus our Lord, without respect to their works" Article XVI.

Calvinists believe that God picked those who he will save and bring with him to Heaven before the world was created. They also believe that those people God does not save will go to Hell.

John Calvin thought people who were saved could never lose their salvation and the " elect " those God saved would know they were saved because of their actions.

In this common, loose sense of the term, to affirm or to deny predestination has particular reference to the Calvinist doctrine of unconditional election.

In the Calvinist interpretation of the Bible, this doctrine normally has only pastoral value related to the assurance of salvation and the absolution of salvation by grace alone.

However, the philosophical implications of the doctrine of election and predestination are sometimes discussed beyond these systematic bounds.

Under the topic of the doctrine of God theology proper , the predestinating decision of God cannot be contingent upon anything outside of himself, because all other things are dependent upon him for existence and meaning.

Under the topic of the doctrines of salvation soteriology , the predestinating decision of God is made from God's knowledge of his own will Romans , and is therefore not contingent upon human decisions rather, free human decisions are outworkings of the decision of God, which sets the total reality within which those decisions are made in exhaustive detail: that is, nothing left to chance.

Calvinists do not pretend to understand how this works; but they are insistent that the Scriptures teach both the sovereign control of God and the responsibility and freedom of human decisions.

Calvinist groups use the term Hyper-Calvinism to describe Calvinistic systems that assert without qualification that God's intention to destroy some is equal to his intention to save others.

Some forms of Hyper-Calvinism have racial implications, as when Dutch Calvinist theologian Franciscus Gomarus however argued that Jews, because of their refusal to worship Jesus Christ, were members of the non-elect, as also argued by John Calvin himself, based on I John —23 in The New Testament of the Bible.

Some Dutch settlers in South Africa argued that black people were sons of Ham, whom Noah had cursed to be slaves , according to Genesis —19, or drew analogies between them and the Canaanites, suggesting a "chosen people" ideology similar to that espoused by proponents of the Jewish nation.

This justified racial hierarchy on earth, as well as racial segregation of congregations, but did not exclude blacks from being part of the elect.

Other Calvinists vigorously objected to these arguments see Afrikaner Calvinism. Expressed sympathetically, the Calvinist doctrine is that God has mercy or withholds it, with particular consciousness of who are to be the recipients of mercy in Christ.

Therefore, the particular persons are chosen, out of the total number of human beings, who will be rescued from enslavement to sin and the fear of death, and from punishment due to sin, to dwell forever in his presence.

Those who are being saved are assured through the gifts of faith, the sacraments, and communion with God through prayer and increase of good works, that their reconciliation with him through Christ is settled by the sovereign determination of God's will.

God also has particular consciousness of those who are passed over by his selection, who are without excuse for their rebellion against him, and will be judged for their sins.

Calvinists typically divide on the issue of predestination into infralapsarians sometimes called 'sublapsarians' and supralapsarians.

Infralapsarians interpret the biblical election of God to highlight his love 1 John ; Ephesians b—5a and chose his elect considering the situation after the Fall, while supralapsarians interpret biblical election to highlight God's sovereignty Romans and that the Fall was ordained by God's decree of election.

In infralapsarianism, election is God's response to the Fall, while in supralapsarianism the Fall is part of God's plan for election.

In spite of the division, many Calvinist theologians would consider the debate surrounding the infra- and supralapsarian positions one in which scant Scriptural evidence can be mustered in either direction, and that, at any rate, has little effect on the overall doctrine.

Some Calvinists decline to describe the eternal decree of God in terms of a sequence of events or thoughts, and many caution against the simplifications involved in describing any action of God in speculative terms.

Most make distinctions between the positive manner in which God chooses some to be recipients of grace, and the manner in which grace is consciously withheld so that some are destined for everlasting punishments.

Debate concerning predestination according to the common usage concerns the destiny of the damned: whether God is just if that destiny is settled prior to the existence of any actual volition of the individual, and whether the individual is in any meaningful sense responsible for his destiny if it is settled by the eternal action of God.

Arminians hold that God does not predetermine, but instead infallibly knows who will believe and perseveringly be saved. This view is known as conditional election , because it states that election is conditional on the one who wills to have faith in God for salvation.

Although God knows from the beginning of the world who will go where, the choice is still with the individual.

The Dutch Calvinist theologian Franciscus Gomarus strongly opposed the views of Jacobus Arminius with his doctrine of supralapsarian predestination.

Foreordination, an important doctrine of the LDS Church, [45] [46] teaches that during the pre-mortal existence , God selected "foreordained" particular people to fulfill certain missions "callings" during their mortal lives.

For example, prophets were foreordained to be the Lord's servants see Jeremiah , all who receive the priesthood were foreordained to that calling, and Jesus was foreordained to enact the atonement.

The LDS Church teaches the doctrine of moral agency , the ability to choose and act for oneself, and decide whether to accept Christ's atonement.

Conditional election is the belief that God chooses for eternal salvation those whom he foresees will have faith in Christ.

This belief emphasizes the importance of a person's free will. The counter-view is known as unconditional election , and is the belief that God chooses whomever he will, based solely on his purposes and apart from an individual's free will.

It has long been an issue in Calvinist—Arminian debate. An alternative viewpoint is Corporate election , which distinguishes God's election and predestination for corporate entities such as the community "in Christ," and individuals who can benefit from that community's election and predestination so long as they continue belonging to that community.

Infralapsarianism also called sublapsarianism holds that predestination logically coincides with the preordination of Man's fall into sin.

That is, God predestined sinful men for salvation. Therefore, according to this view, God is the ultimate cause , but not the proximate source or "author" of sin.

Infralapsarians often emphasize a difference between God's decree which is inviolable and inscrutable , and his revealed will against which man is disobedient.

Proponents also typically emphasize the grace and mercy of God toward all men, although teaching also that only some are predestined for salvation.

In common English parlance, the doctrine of predestination often has particular reference to the doctrines of Calvinism.

The version of predestination espoused by John Calvin , after whom Calvinism is named, is sometimes referred to as "double predestination" because in it God predestines some people for salvation i.

Reprobation which results by allowing the individual's own sins to condemn them. Calvin himself defines predestination as "the eternal decree of God, by which he determined with himself whatever he wished to happen with regard to every man.

Not all are created on equal terms, but some are preordained to eternal life, others to eternal damnation; and, accordingly, as each has been created for one or other of these ends, we say that he has been predestined to life or to death.

On the spectrum of beliefs concerning predestination, Calvinism is the strongest form among Christians. It teaches that God's predestining decision is based on the knowledge of his own will rather than foreknowledge, concerning every particular person and event; and, God continually acts with entire freedom, in order to bring about his will in completeness, but in such a way that the freedom of the creature is not violated, "but rather, established".

Calvinists who hold the infralapsarian view of predestination usually prefer that term to "sublapsarianism," perhaps with the intent of blocking the inference that they believe predestination is on the basis of foreknowledge sublapsarian meaning, assuming the fall into sin.

Supralapsarianism is the doctrine that God's decree of predestination for salvation and reprobation logically precedes his preordination of the human race's fall into sin.

That is, God decided to save, and to damn; he then determined the means by which that would be made possible. It is a matter of controversy whether or not Calvin himself held this view, but most scholars link him with the infralapsarian position.

It is known, however, that Calvin's successor in Geneva, Theodore Beza , held to the supralapsarian view. Double predestination, or the double decree, is the doctrine that God actively reprobates , or decrees damnation of some, as well as salvation for those whom he has elected.

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Predestination non fa eccezione, ma riesce nonostante questo, a non cadere nel banale. Molto bravi gli interpreti. Apprezzabile lo sforzo di creare un percorso narrativo in grado di sorprendere lo spettatore con un colpo di scena finale e di dare un senso all'intricata vicenda.

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