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Subway köln

Subway Köln Urlaub in Deutschland

Finde Produkte von Metro Lane bei Entdecke die grenzenlose Auswahl zum Bestpreis, versandkostenfrei ab 30 €. Finde Produkte von Alles von Metro Lane bei Entdecke die grenzenlose Auswahl zum Bestpreis, versandkostenfrei ab 30 €. Geben Sie Ihr Modell ein, um sicherzustellen, dass dieser Artikel passt. ZimmernutzungSchlafzimmer; Flur; Küche; Wohnzimmer; Esszimmer; Garage; Anzahl. in Köln tätig: Wir kennen unser schönes Rheinland mit seinen Metropolen Düsseldorf und Bonn und schätzen dieses ganz besondere Umland. Ostkanada Rundreise – Die schönsten Metropolen und Nationalparks. DIE KREDITKARTE ZUM REISEN. Mein Geschenk an dich. Klimafreundlich unterwegs.

subway köln

Geben Sie Ihr Modell ein, um sicherzustellen, dass dieser Artikel passt. ZimmernutzungSchlafzimmer; Flur; Küche; Wohnzimmer; Esszimmer; Garage; Anzahl. Der reisereporter stellt Dir alle großen Metropolen vor und versorgt Dich mit den besten Insidertipps vor Deiner Reise – ebenfalls in Sachen Flug und Hotel. in Köln tätig: Wir kennen unser schönes Rheinland mit seinen Metropolen Düsseldorf und Bonn und schätzen dieses ganz besondere Umland. Der reisereporter stellt Dir alle großen Metropolen vor und versorgt Dich mit den besten Insidertipps vor Deiner Reise – ebenfalls in Sachen Flug und Hotel. Egal, ob Sie einen Familienurlaub planen, mit Ihrem Partner verreisen möchten oder auf einem Städte-Trip die Metropolen Europas erkunden wollen, wir zeigen​. Gesund werden mit der Praxis fГјr Physiotherapie Yury Seregin- Herzlich willkommen auf der Seite der Praxis fГјr Physiotherapie Yury Seregin in KГ¶ln. metro-lane Couchtische bei | MÖBEL-SUCHMASCHINE | Angebote von hunderten Shops | Beste-Preise | Viele Deals bis %. Jobb hotell norge: Subway Down Town Porsgrunn sГёker medarbeider Trainee Controlling Finance Marketing E-Commerce Fashion NГ¤he KГ¶ln/​DГјsseldorf. subway kГ¶ln

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Checkout Cart 0 My Account. Sign Up. Search by category. Fabric Trim. Curtain Call. For the purposes of this article, Curtain Call will be our main focus.

To begin Susie, what is Curtain Call? SR: Leslie, Curtain Call is a department here at the store that specializes in fabricating custom draperies, pillows, bedding, table skirts, cushions, and a lot of other things.

SR: A person would come in with the idea of what she would like. LW: Ok, so once measurements have been taken, the order placed and fabric selected, can you reveal a little about the production process?

SR: Well, it goes to the workroom, they make it, it comes back. SR: No, no. It would be like going to a tailor and having a suit made for yourself.

Same thing goes with custom draperies. House-siters versus Rental There are house-siters available in most big cities and it could be an option if your are not gone too long.

Also, some house-siter are also pet-siters, thus, if you do not wish to bring your pet with you, that could be a good option. On the other hand, you should know that quarantine is no longer necessary when bringing your pet to Europe see chapter 13 about Pet in Germany for more details.

Another option open to you is to rent your property. But before going ahead with this option make sure that you read the following: You should be aware that some insurance companies will discontinue their coverage of your property if you rent it, others might insure the house but not its content!

Though, in my humble opinion, it is better to have the building insured with tenants living in it, than to have absolutely no insurance what so ever because the house has been left empty too long.

In the end, it is your decision. We had to argue with our own insurance company to get insurance coverage for the building they didn't want to give us anything for the content.

We had to remind them that we have been living there for many years and had not made one claim up to now. In the end, what made them changed their mind was our threat to use another insurance company.

Renting furnished or unfurnished? How to decide Once you have decided to rent your house or condo, you should consider if you want to rent it either furnished or unfurnished.

In some areas they might be more demand for one or the other and knowing the market will help you make a decision. A simple look at the classified ads of your local newspaper or at the listing of a real-estate agency will give you an idea of what's available and what's in demand.

Usually, for short term rental furnished is better, while for long term, most people already have their own furniture.

On the other hand, there might be demands for both in your area, furnished and unfurnished residence, and the decision is completely yours to make.

I guess, in the end, it depends how you feel about strangers living in your house with your furniture and sleeping in your bed.

In both cases, either to rent with or without furniture, you will want to remove all valuable objects and store them under lock and keys.

Leave only what you feel will not matter if it gets broken. That also includes paintings on the walls.

We used one of our rooms to store anything of value to us that means also of sentimental value. Only us and our property manager have the key.

There are more and more of these units available and the fee you pay per month for them depend on their sizes and the length of the rent.

You might want to shop around for better fee as these do vary from place to place, but their are not cheap. To have or not to have a Property Manager?

I mentioned earlier that we use a property manager. There are a few reasons to use such a person and I think the most important for us is the peace of mind.

Having a property manager to look after the house and your interests while you are away will make your life easier specially if you move overseas and can not go back easily to "fix things".

You can find more information about Property Managers in a following section. Having their address and phone number is a plus.

Make sure that you have them with you on the plane not in a box floating somewhere between home and Germany. Documents to bring with you on the plane You will need: - one valid passport per family member including kids.

It is very important that these documents be the originals! Germans bureaucrats will not accept copies, even if they have been signed to authentify them.

There are more info on these matters in the chapter 5, Residence Visa. Now that you know how long you are staying in Germany and what to do with your property, go to the chapter 3, Moving and Packing, or read about Property Manager in the following section.

The main reason to have a property manager is to have someone to look after your property and your interest while you are away, in this case probably far-away.

It makes life easier. You do not have to worry about what will happen if a pipe bursts and your tenants don't have to contact you every time they need something.

In brief, you have a peace of mind! Your property manager will take care of such things as making sure that your tenants do not sublet to party animals or gang members and that the rent is paid every month.

As the rules and regulations vary enormously from one place to another, and unless you are knowledgeable about the by-laws and laws partening to renting, I suggest you ask someone who does.

Such as your property manager. Some real estate agent also do both: they manage properties and sale others.

Ask around - property managers are not an endangered species and former clients of theirs will not be afraid to talk - for better or for worse!

Once in Germany it would be difficult to do anything about it. Friends and Family And a little word of advice about taking a friend or a family member as you property manager: it might sound good at first, but what will happen if this person "forgets" to do something?

How will you handle it? It's not always easy to "demand" something of friends and family. Once again, it comes back to trust.

You won't be there to deal with it and taking a plane back home each time something happens might cost you a fortune.

Sometime it's better to pay a little more up front than have more expenses later on. Writing a small booklet on the important information about your house - such as how the appliances work, the plumber's and electrician's phone numbers, location of the main hydro "off" switch - will help the tenants to find answers to many common questions and to feel more at home.

Your property manager should be able to tell you what are the main questions tenants usually ask. You can find property managers in the web or ask real estate agents, friends or family.

And take your time before deciding. Your property depends on it! Now it's time to decide WHAT is moving with you.

Indeed, unless you are in Germany for a very short period of time, it is probable that you will want to bring quite a few personal items with you more info about what you should bring follows!

And for that you will need a moving company. There are many on the market: some offer the service "door-to-door", i. Some of them can pack everything for you on the promises or you can decide to pack by yourselves and have the boxes simply pick up.

With other companies, you have the choice of "door-to-door" or to bring your boxes to their storage facilities where they will be loaded onto a container.

Then, you have to go and pick them up in your new city. This last option, going to pick it up by yourself, is less expensive but, remember that you will need a vehicle probably a big vehicle to pick up your stuff once it arrives.

And vehicle rental is quite expensive in Europe. And if on top of that you barely know the place, you might have trouble to find your way to their storage facility and back.

Finding a parking place is also usually a challenge in European cities. But if you know well the place and feel confortable driving a large vehicle in small European streets, do it!

Also, it is important that you contact the Rathaus city hall to let them know when the moving truck is coming to deliver your belongings.

You might also be required to send a letter of apology a few days up to 2 weeks before the move to all your neighbours who will be affected by the moving truck parked in their street.

If you are dealing with a relocating company they might look after this. Better ask. Most of these companies use cargo ships for transport and they can give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to reach the new city or your house.

But it is just a rough estimate; the real time it takes might, and probably will, vary: be aware that your belongings must past through customs and the moving companies can not do much about it.

So, it might take a little more time that they estimate. While packing Make sure to write down the room destination on every box and its number on a list that you keep with you.

You can place a little star beside the number of very important boxes or the ones with fragile objects. Cross check the box numbers with your own list when they arrive.

And if there are fragile objects in some boxes remember, the ones with little star beside the number , 9 you might want to open these first, to make sure that they are intact.

Do not sign the delivery papers before you are certain every box is there and everything is in order.

It is very difficult to ask for a claim or missing boxes after having signed the official documents stipulating that everything is in order.

Most people are honest and making a mistake is human, especially when dealing with thousands of boxes every weeks, so, be sure you check before signing anything.

Even if we were quite happy with the moving company we used and that they were rather helpful, our boxes did arrive later than estimated, by about two weeks actually.

Which is why, I recommand that you ship your stuff ahead of your departure for Germany. So that once you arrive you might not have to wait too long a time for it to arrive too.

What to send by ship Depending if you are renting or buying in Germany, depending if you are renting furnished or unfurnished, the amount of belongings to send with the moving company will vary a lot but there are a few items that you should really send ahead.

Clothing Your clothing, of course, come first to mind. You're probably better to have a look at the weather forecast for the area you are moving in, to see what kind of temperature to expect.

Germany might not be a very big country geographically speaking smaller than Montana , but the weather varies from a maritime one in the north by the sea, to a more continental one in the south, near Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

For example, in the area of Heidelberg, by the Neckar river, it is rarely cold; even in the middle of winter the temperature stays around 0oC to 5oC, very rarely below 0oC.

On the other hand, it is rather humid all year long and a rain jacket and an umbrella would be a good think to have. But if you end out in the Alps, you can expect some snow and much colder temperatures.

So, snow jacket and boots are in order. A quick look at a weather web-site with a summary of the temperatures throughout the year will give you a good idea of what kind of clothing you'll need.

If you like the outdoors, Germany is for you! They have it all: mountaineering, ski, bikes, sailing. Name it, they have it!

So, bringing your outdoor gears might be a good idea. On the other hand, you can always buy some there too; they have everything you might desire and more!

Germans are real outdoor enthusiasts and will make sure that you enjoy it too! But, if you are an urbanite, don't worry, Germany is for you too!

Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, all great cities with tons of events and sights to see. I would say that in general, Germans dress more for comfort than appearance even in chick restaurants.

And in any case, if you have forgotten some clothing home, you're sure to find something in Germany to replace it. Cooking Other things to bring might be, for those who like cooking, ingredients that are difficult to find in Germany.

Such as: peanut butter very expensive , bicarbonate soda don't ask me why, we can't find it anywhere , ordinary brown sugar they have some but it's more like big granules and dryer , molasses the one they have is like coarse sugar and for the cattle to feed and of course, Vegemite you can find some in special Australian shops, or in Brit shops beside the marmeit, for an arm and a leg!

Also, depending where you are going to live, you might have trouble to find "exotic" Indian spices. On the other hand; what better time than now to try German specialities and products?

And Germans have all kind of gadgets for the kitchen. I don't think we ever saw more cooking gadgets anywhere else in the world: it seems that every meal or pastry has its own set of tools to prepare it!

Bedding Little note of caution about bringing your own bedding if you are not sending your beds to Germany: Your sheets and pillow cases will very probably NOT fit on German mattresses and pillows for the simple reason that their mattresses are in Metric, while yours are probably in feet and inches, and their pillows are SQUARE, not rectangular.

Other little detail: they use only a fitting sheet to cover the mattress, they do NOT have a sheet to cover you.

So, they sleep between the sheet underneath them and a duvet on top, with NO sheet between the duvet and you.

Don't try to find some bedding sets with two sheets in German stores, you won't. If you want such a set, you'll have to bring your own or go to France or Italy to buy some!

Which could be a very nice weekend trip indeed! Stationairies We made the mistake of bringing paper and envelopes with us with kids in school we thought that it might be a good idea to arrive prepare!

Well, Don't do it! Their sheets of paper and their 11 printers are all in metric! Which means that the sheets are slightly longer and narrower than US or Canadian sheets and that their printer are program in order to accommodate such sheets.

Same for envelopes: your sheets won't enter properly in them and your envelopes will be a bit too long for the German post.

Also, their binders have only two holes towards the middle instead of three. So, there again, the three holes loose-leaf paper won't work.

Better just wait and buy them there. I mean, we succeeded to print our sheets of paper with the German printers, but even after reprogramming the printer, they quite often look mis-aligned.

So, once again, avoid the trouble and buy them there. European electric systems function with volts and will literally fry your machines if you plug them in!

We know: many friends tried, thinking it was OK, that they had the good plug. That was not enough. A multi-plug device is not an adapter.

You need an adapter. And a good one at that. Most computers are OK, they have one built-in and can be used under and , but you will need a different plug to plug it in most electronic store sell some.

Just make sure you mention that it is for Germany. And be careful, a lot of devices that can be attached to computers, such as cute little extra speakers, are NOT made to function with We know that too: our son tried!

You should have seen the smoke raising from the speakers! About unfurnished rental in Germany Little word of caution here: Be aware that unfurnished rental in Germany means really no-furniture of any kind not even a toilet or a bath in some cases and certainly no kitchen cabinets.

So, unless you're there for a long time and that you love renovating, might I suggest furnished? But if you decide for unfurnished, then you'll need to send all your furniture and some more!

See chapter 4 about Housing for more info. And the rest Other things that we were happy to have with us: Books. Although you can find some in English in German bookstores and libraries they are not that popular.

Germans do read a lot, but mainly in German of course. There are also some German-American Institute's Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut libraries where you can find books in English and they quite often have special programs and activities for kids.

Or you might want to practice your German and buy German books and magazines! There is lots of them as Germans read a lot more than North Americans and Australian do.

They do not work on European DVD players because of a difference in zones , and maybe games for the family. Or anything that could be difficult to find anywhere else than your hometown and that you use a lot.

Otherwise; Germany is a very civilized country and you will find there most of what you need!

What to keep with you while travelling Because it will take weeks for your belongings to arrive to destination, you might want, as explained above, to ship them ahead of you.

But one way of the other, you will have to live without them for a while, either before or after your departure. So, keeping as many cloths as possible and necessary items with you to bring on the plane is a good idea.

Unless you have an illimited amount of money to spent, you might have to live in these cloths for some time before you leave for Germany and once you have arrived.

It might also take you a few days before knowing where to buy certain things German stores are somewhat more specialize in what they sell than North American ones and having a few necessities with you will help you get through the first few days.

By the way, most stores including pharmacies closed from Saturday afternoon at 1 or 2 pm, until Monday morning. Only those few at Main Train Stations and Airports, stay open during the weekend.

Same is true if you have an animal: the petshop won't be open to buy "Fido" is food. You might have to bring him a bit in your luggage!

You will also want to bring with you a few medications to use until you find the appropriate equivalent in a German Pharmacy.

More about Pharmacy in the chapter 8, HealthCare. So, if you arrive on a Friday night too jet lag to get up on Saturday morning or a Saturday, you might have to do what we did and eat at restaurants for the next two days.

We didn't mind; the food was excellent and it permits us to go explore our surroundings in search of a different restaurant for each meal!

Be it a house or an apartment, that you buy or that you rent, finding a place in Germany will probably take time and possibly, money.

Indeed, the vacancy rate in Germany is not very high and finding a place in town or city centre might be difficult. Specially if you don't know the country and its customs.

You might also want to start looking before you arrive: there are a number of rental and real-estate agencies on the web that can help you there.

Another way to find a place is looking at the adds in newspapers and asking friends and colleagues once you are there. Renting or Buying?

The decision about renting or buying a house or an apartment in Germany depends greatly on the planed length of your stay, as does the question of furnished versus unfurnished housing of course, a house or an apartment for sale will be unfurnished.

For more precision about what "unfurnished" really means in Germany, please read below. Before moving to Germany you have to think about it very carefully; finding a house or an apartment takes time and, if you use an agent, it takes money too quite a bit of it!

There are many real-estate agencies in Germany as in any other countries and many, if not all, banks have real-estate services available.

Most relocation agencies can also help you find a house or an apartment to buy or rent once you arrived. Again, these relocation companies are not cheap, but some companies do pay the fees for their relocated employees.

Also, Germany is a rather densely populated country. Meaning that there is not much land left to build new places and that the ones already built are occupied.

Even though, you should, with the help of friends, colleagues, agencies, find somewhere to live. Furnished or unfurnished rental? You might be in for a little shock if you have never try to rent a place here before, because unfurnished house or apartment in Germany, means exactly that: there are NO furniture of any kind, period.

Which mean, no appliances, no closets, no built-in cabinets in the kitchen, no lighting fixtures, some times not even a sink or a toilet!

Nothing, nada! And that is also true for houses for sale. And that might explain in good part why Germans do not move much once they have established themselves somewhere.

Which also means that you will have to bring everything with you or buy it on the premises; appliances, kitchen cabinets, closets, table and chairs, curtains and curtain rod, bathtub, etc.

And once you have bought it all, install it all, and live in it for a while, what do you do with it once it is time to go home?

Because, of course, you are also expected to remove everything from the rented house or apartment when you leave, which can mean serious renovation to the place, to remake it the way it was before you added the "built-in cabinets" etc.

Otherwise, you'll end up doing what a lot of people do: throw it all in the pile of garbage. Which is really not efficient or environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, even though, furnished housing is a bit more expensive than unfurnished, in the long run it will cost you less.

Unless you decide to stay permanently in Germany or you have a lot of money to throw through the windows. Home-finding Companies I mentioned earlier the use of a real estate agent or home-fnding companies.

They can be somewhat expensive but they know their city well and will be able to help you find housing in Germany quite fast.

The way these firms usually work is that they will charge you a fee of between one to three months rent, once they found a place for you.

This fee is NOT included in the rent and it must be paid directly to the firm. So, let say you have a rent of Euro per month, then the fees for the agent would be between to Euros.

You will also have to pay a deposit of one to three months to your landlord that deposit will come back to you at the end of the rental, in part or in total and pay the first month's rent.

All together, you will end out paying: 1 to 3 thousands to the firm, plus 1 to 3 thousand for the deposit and one thousand for the first month to your landlord, for a total of three to seven thousand Euros the first month, and this for a Euros per month rental.

That is quite a bit of money when you have just arrived and have not even unpacked yet! Chances are, you will not yet have your German Bank account open yet either.

So, you need to go straight to a bank to open one. Or you need to bring that money in cash with you! Because you see, most people and companies such as gas and phone in Germany do NOT accept cheques.

They want bank transfers directly from your account to theirs. You could do it through your old bank account back home, but then you will have to pay for rather more fees than simply open an account in a German bank.

You can also search on the web; as mentioned higher, there are a few real estate agencies who deal specifically with rentals, some are in English as well as in German, but most, like the Newspapers, are in German only.

So the help of a German speaking friend might be necessary. Here are a few German words concerning Housing: QM or M2 is square meters for the size of the residence.

A number followed by Zi, means the number of rooms Zimmer. The number of rooms Zimmer also refer to the number of rooms "in total", except bathrooms and kitchen.

So a 5Zi, will mean a "5 rooms" whonung house or apartment : 3 bedrooms, a living room and a dining room.

BJ means Baujar, the year the place was built. WC, means toilet, and only a toilet, i. Other important words: Ka, Kt or Kaut, Kaution meaning caution, the deposit you have to pay on top of the rent.

This deposit will be returned to you at the end of your rental. Gepl gepflegt means well kept in good condition. Ruh ruhig in a quiet neighbourhood.

NK Nebenkosten is "incidental cost" such as garbage, entrance cleaning, water etc. A little word of caution about these Nebenkosten also referred to as Umlagen by some.

There are two parts to your renting contract: one is the rental fee fix amount per month , the other part concerns these extra-costs. And these costs can vary during the year according to the price that 17 your landlord has to pay.

So, it is quite possible that your rent will vary throughout the year because of these extras. There is nothing you can do about it. It is completely legal.

Also, in some cases, these extra-costs are going to be paid directly from your deposit at the end of your rental or once a year. Which also means that there might not be much left of that deposit when it is time to move on.

Lawyer You might also want to consult a lawyer before signing a rental agreement even if your German is pretty good. If you deal with a real estate agency, they will do some of the paperwork for you and help you deal with the landlord.

The same is true for a relocation company. Here are a few additional pieces of advices: 1. Making an inventory of what is included in the housing and of any deficiencies is a good idea.

It help to protect yourself and your landlord. Follow the rules given by your landlord concerning: laundry washing, BBQ, bicycles and children's prams, satellite dish and radio and television antennas, pets Germans in general adore animals, but make sure you have written permission to have a pet first.

You should also ask who is responsible for cleaning the entrance way, the stairways, the front door etc.

You could be surprised by the answer: It might be you! And most Germans also clean up the side walk in front of their house, religiously, each week.

There are municipal by-laws to respect concerning loud music, recycling and trash, etc. Germans in general obey the law to the letter, so don't be too shocked if someone "reprimands" you because you put some trash in the recycling bin or vice-versa!

Buying the house of your dream! Buying a House or an Apartment in Germany can be your best option, especially if you are here for quite some time.

And you can always resell it after, if you move back. In this case, the use of a real estate agent is almost necessary unless you speak perfect German and know all there is to know about the law regarding such matter.

There are many real estate agents in each town and city, and finding one should not be difficult. Shop around and ask colleagues if they know of a good one.

Have fun shopping around for the house of your dreams! So, if you are staying for more than three months, you need to apply for a residence visa.

By the way, the true term is residence permit, but as many, if not almost all, people refere to it as visa, I will be using it too.

Different Visas There are two kinds of visa: a limited one with an expiry date, it is delivered for a certain period of time and you must leave at the end of that time, and an unlimited one with which you do not have to leave Germany after a certain time period.

For others, with the limited visa, they can reapply for a new one at the end of the period for which it has been delivered.

Most of these limited residence visa are for one or two years period and then you have to go through the whole process again to get a new one.

The Process I have to admit here that the whole process of getting a residence visa is rather frustrating, inefficient specially for German standards , and even stressful.

And yes, we did had problems with them: we received our resident visa two days AFTER the expery date of the tourist visa.

Even though we did apply very early on after arriving. So, don't wait until the last minute to apply for it.

Yes, it is an unpleasant business but it must be done. There's no way around it. The only posisitive thing I have to say about it all is that the woman officer I have to deal with was trying very hard to be helpful with paperworks.

Medelschein But, before going to the Landratsamt to get your residence permit visa you must register at your local Registration Office Einwohnermeldeamt , usually the town or city hall or Rathaus, where you live.

The document that you will get is called Medelschein registration certificate. It is easy to get you go there and fill up a form with your residence address in Germany, passport number etc.

Also, if you move residence during your stay in Germany, you must register again and notify the old and the new registration offices even if you move just next door.

So, you must bring the originals with you. Also, if your proof of financial support is a contract that is not writen in German, it must be translated in German by an official translator.

Un-married couple A little note of caution for couples who lives together without being married: Germany do NOT recognizes you as a couple, even if you have been together for 20 years.

Of course, the easy solution would be to get marry! Ah, but, getting marry in Germany is not that easy. You must both have your passport, the Medelsheim, your birth certificates even that of your kids!

Quite a few countries don't have such a certificate, the German authorities are aware of that, but they still want you to contact your embassy or consulate to ask them to send you an official document that you must pay for basically saying that such certifiate does not exist in your own country and this writen in German, of course!

Frankly, if you want my advice, get marry in your own country before coming over or go somewhere else for a fast little wedding!

Children and visas Children also are required to have valid residence visas. And another important point is that the children follow their mother, even if both names mom and dad are on the birth certificate.

Which also means that if mommy does not get her visa, the kids have to leave with her when the three months ends!

Although the process varies slitghly with each individual application and from one region or city to the next, most rules are the same. Once there, you will probably see a bunch of closed doors with letters beside them.

There will probably be also tables and chairs to sit. It might seem a bit strange at first; there is nobody to ask what is going on, where you have to go and to whom you should be talking to except maybe other applicants like you who probably don't speak a word of English.

Don't panic, everyone feels the same the first time. I'll explain to you how it works: The letters by the doors, or on the doors, correspond to the first letter of your family name.

Let say your name is Smith, you will therefore go to the door with the letters R-T beside it. Now, of course, the doors are all close and you can not see or hear what is going on inside, if the officer is already with a "client" or not.

So, you will do what any sensible person would do, i. Don't take the barking personaly, you are probably the hundreth person who does this that day.

And as there are no other way of knowing what's gong on inside, you won't be the last one either! It will gererally take a few days or weeks!

So, you can not go anywhere outside of the EU! Once again, I must stress the fact that most officers accept only the originals.

Members of a Family with different family names You should know that if different members of a same family have different family names, they most go separetely to the different officers partening to the different letters, even if you are marry and have the proof with you.

Speaking English or Not? Another point I must stress here: in our experiences, most of these officials do not speak English or don't want to speak it?

Or take a very quick German course! Also, these officials take their jobs very seriously so, always stay very respectuous and patient.

It takes time and there's nothing you can do about it. Happy Ending When your visa is ready, they will most probably call you and ask you to come pay for it about 75 euros per permit and get it.

Once you finally have it in your hands, go to the nearest Weinstube and celebrate with a dunkel bier!

You've earned it! Now that you know what to do to obtain your residence permit, go to the chapter 6 about Work Permit and chapter 7 on Workplace.

You should know that work permits are issued not for general employment but for a particular job. Once that job is over, or if you change job, you must re-apply for a new permit.

Work Permits also have an "expiry date" as do Residence permits. How to Apply To apply for a work permit, you will need to go, in person, to the same office that handled your residence permit, i.

And you will need to bring with you your Meldebescheinigung or Medelschein the registration certificate you received from your Rathaus , your Auftenhaltserlaubnis residence permit and written proof that you have a job offer, usually a certified letter from the employer saying that they are willing to take you on or an actual contract in German, of course.

If you are coming from an European Union country, then you should have no problem getting this permit as you will be treated with the same status as Germans.

Unemployment is currently high by German standards and of course priority is given to Germans and Europeans.

But, if you can show that you possess critical skills, with a high level of education, your chances are much better. Germany is trying to attract highly qualified immigrants and some skills are more in demand than others.

Also, family members of a person with critical skills might be given work permits in order to keep this highly qualified worker in Germany.

Finding Jobs One of the best way to find employment in Germany, especially for executives and specialists, is to use the services of an executive search firm, called Personalberatung in German.

This service is usually free for those looking for job and they can start looking for you even if you are not yet in Germany. As elsewhere, the newspapers can be useful for looking for jobs or to place an ad yourself, to offer your services.

The Saturday editions are usually helpful in that regard. There are also many websites for jobs in Germany and in Europe, and one of them lists jobs specifically for companies in which English is the main language spoken at work: 24 Jobs In Munich: www.

The labour office, Arbeitsamt www. You can go there even if you do not have a work permit, and it is free. English versus German speaking Be aware that, even though a knowledge of English might be a plus in finding a job, a functional working ability in German is necessary for most positions as well as being simply a courtesy to your German co-workers.

Also, finding part-time jobs is not easy: companies in Germany have to pay for their employees' social benefits and as these are quite high in Germany, they do not want to employ an employee who can work part-time only.

On top of listing all your education and work experiences, they usually ask for your marital status, your age and sex, and a recent photo.

Including letters of reference is also a good idea. Employers are allowed to ask about your health and criminal record, but can NOT ask a woman whether she is pregnant or not.

You will also have to fill in job applications and of course, there are interviews. If you have an interview, remember that Germans are rather formal when it comes to business meetings, so dress accordingly and don't be too friendly or familiar with the interviewers.

Meaning of the Work Permit A work permit is issued for the same duration as the residence permit and must be renewed before expiration, the same as the residence permit.

Also, as stipulated above, a work permit is issued for a specific job only and you must reapply to get a new one if you change job.

It is not a permit for general employment. Self-employment For those who would like to be self-employed, you must demonstrate that your potential business is viable and that you will bring prosperity to Germany.

Germany will consider your business as 25 having a positive effect on its economy if your bring a capital of at least 1 million euros and create at least 10 jobs.

If you do not have a million euros to spent, you can still apply for a residence permit, but your chances of getting it are obviously not as good.

Good luck! German Workplace If you have fund a job, you might want to know a bit about the German Workplace before going for your first day's work.

To do so, go to the next chapter. German companies take very good care of their employees: it is the law!

But, before being a "real" employee, there usually is a 3 to 6 month probation period during which an employee might be fired with 2 weeks to up to 1 month notice.

After this probation period in the German workplace, it becomes more and more difficult for the employer to fire the employee and the notification period also extends up to 7 months for a long time employee 20 years or more.

Vacation Germany's working week is You will also find that German companies are much more generous when the time comes for vacation: minimum of 18 working days per year, as required by the law.

And some firms offer much more than that, up to 30 working days per year, that adds up to about 6 weeks per year of paid vacation.

Maternity and paternity leave is also generous in Germany: 6 weeks of full pay for mothers before the child's birth and then 8 weeks of full pay afterwards.

And then, the parents, mother or father, are allowed up to 3 years leave without pay. There is also a direct subsidy for new parents called Elterngeld, literally meaning "parents money".

Income tax and other taxes If you work for a German company you will have to pay German income taxes but also some premiums for public health care, long term nursing care, unemployment insurance and retirement plans.

Your employer will contribute about half of these premiums, and you will pay the other half. But most of time, quite a bit of it is going back to the employee in the form of subsidies, for the families, to help pay the rent, the public transport etc.

Social services, such as healthcare and public transport, are very good in Germany and income taxes help to pay for these.

As for work accident insurance, it is paid for entirely by the employer and the social indemnity for war veterans, war widows and orphans, soldiers with health problems and victims of violent crime is paid by the government.

For more info on the subject of health insurance, go to chapter 8. Retire Pension When it is time to retire, your pension insurance will make sure that you can continue to live a decent life.

It is possible to receive pensions from different countries at the same time, and if you do end up working in Germany, you can expect to receive a German pension after you have retired even if you are living outside of Germany at that time.

Unemployment Assurance and State Assistance If you lose your job after having worked for at least one year during the previous two years, you might be eligible for unemployment insurance.

To apply so, you must go to the labour office, called Arbeitsamt, fill out a form and agree to accept a job that they might find for you in your field.

You must also check with them regularly. The insurance continues for one year if you are under 55, and up to 18 months if you are older.

After that period, you can receive state assistance of euros per months plus some money for housing and other expenses. Little note of caution here: It is also possible that you will get less or nothing at all if they consider that you have other means of support, such as a working spouse or working parents.

Indeed, even if you are an adult no longer living with your parents, the German system considers that they should still help you fnancially until your or their death.

For more detailed information on this subject, and regular up-dates, you should have a look at the German government site: www.

Disclaimer Some data, such as the amount you can receive as a pensioneer, might and will probably change with time, so, if you see a discrepency, please let us know and send us an e-mail.

As an Auslander foreigner you need your own health insurance to cover all medical costs. But, as you need it anyway to obtain your visa from the Landratsamt, this is not an additional problem.

You already have deal with that, no?! If not, go back to chapter 5, Resident Permit, about how to apply and hopefully obtain your residence visa.

You're going to need it if you stay longer than three months in Germany. Healthcare coverage If you are working for a German company, chances are that they will help you get German Health Care coverage through governmental or private health insurance plans.

Every German, and employees of German companies even the foreigners , are by law covered by health insurance.

To learn more about health insurance in Germany, you can visit the web-site of the German Medical College. It is quite useful and in both German and English throughout.

Then you ask the insurance company for your money back. Our First Hand Experience We experienced German healthcare first hand and were happily surprised by the speed of the services received at the clinic.

My Mann German for a man and husband thought that he had a kidney stone again! So we called the specialist, in this case the urologist, on Monday, got an appointment for the next morning, and the complete exams on Friday morning.

As specialists are listed in the phonebook, you do not have to go see a generalist first. The exams were performed directly at the clinic and the doctor spoke good enough English.

Now, that's service! The only slight difficulty was that the doctor's assistant and secretary did not speak a word of English.

But, on the other hand, because, as I said above, you can call the specialist directly without being recommended by a general practitioner, I did not have to explain why my Mann needed an appointment.

German Doctors and English. Actually, German doctors, especially the younger ones, seem to speak some English although some are more fluent than others , and all are professional and well educated.

If you are uncertain about the ability of your doctor to speak English, you might want to bring a small dictionary with you for medical terminology or someone who speaks both languages.

I, for one, always have my pocket-size dictionary with me. Most German doctors work in private or semiprivate clinics and at hospitals, which of course, reduces to some degree the time that the clinics can be open.

On the other hand, when one clinic is closed another nearby stays open so that you can always find one open in case of emergency. The local newspapers usually provide the opening dates and times of nearby emergency clinics or hospitals Krankenhaus , dentists Zahnartz and pharmacies "Apotheka".

If the clinic you are trying to reach is closed, they will probably have recorded a message telling you the name and phone number of an emergency doctor.

You can also find the phone numbers of all the nearby doctors listed by their appropriate medical specialities, with phone numbers and addresses, in local phonebooks.

German Doctors Habits Another important point is that German doctors are not in the habit of explaining the what and why and how of your condition.

So, if you want to know about it, ask the doctor directly. It is not that they don't want to explain, it's just that they have not been taught in this way.

They are if you will, a bit old fashion about that. This fee is quite small in the order of 5 to 10 euros and it must be paid onceevery 3 to 4 months.

Once you have paid that fee you do not have to pay it again for this quarter if you go back to see the same doctor or even a different one.

They will give you a receipt for the fee that you must keep with you at all time. If you have an accident and end out in the emergency unit, they will ask to see this receipt.

If you don't have it with you, you will have to pay it again and ask for your money back if you can produce to said receipt later. The most times you can pay this fee is 3 or 4 times per year.

Emergency Numbers Emergency numbers for Doctors and Ambulance Krankenwagen is: You can dial that number free of charge from any public phone.

In case of an emergency on a major road motorway, highway, secondary road , look at the white kilometre stones or posts by the side of the road for arrows pointing in the direction of the nearest emergency telephone.

Who to call? Finding and choosing a generalist or a family doctor, called Arzt in German, or a specialists, can be a bit intimidating when you have just arrived and don't know much about your new city, specially if you do not speak much German.

But most of them do speak some English, even if it is not perfect. I would like to make an appointment, please.

Es ist dringend. This is urgent, do you have an earlier appointment? Ich Habe ein Fieber I have fever Mein Kind hat ein Fieber my child has fever Ich habe schmerz I have pain Mein Kind hat schmerz my child has fever Specialists One of the advantage for new commers without much German, is that you can call directly the specialist of your choice without being referred to by a generalist which means that you usually do not have to explain why you are calling, just say that you want an appointment.

You can use the phone book to find the address of generalists and specialists in your area or use the web-site of the German Medical Association.

It is a very useful site and part of it is in English and French. To find a doctor in your area, you simply click on "Arztsuche" doctor search and choose the region in which you live.

Of course, you can also ask colleagues and friends to give you suggestions. You can also change doctors if the one you are dealing with does not satisfy your expectations.

Once again, you can call any of these doctors directly to take an appointment. Business Hours Because generalists and most specialists also work in Hospital and not just their own clinic be it private or semi-private , their open hours might differe somewhat from one place to another and be reduced to some degree.

The local newspapers usually provide the opening dates and times of nearby emergency clinics or hospitals Krankenhaus , dentists Zahnartz and pharmacies Apotheka.

As mentioned higher, you can also find the phone numbers of all the nearby doctors listed by their appropriate medical specialities, with phone numbers and addresses, in local phonebooks.

Little Note Doctors in Germany, generalists and specialists alike, are not taught to explain to their patient the details about their condition and possible treatments.

They more or less take for granted that you will do what they tell you to without giving it a second thought.

So, if you have a question, something you are not sure to understand or, you feel like you should be asking why this treatment instead of another, do NOT hesitate to ask.

They have very competent professionals and it is not that they do not want you to know, it's just that, well, it si not in their habit to explain.

That's all. How to find a Dentist There are dentists all over Germany, even in small towns. So, finding one should not be a problem.

It is a good idea to ask friends and colleagues, for advice or suggestions to choose one, as you might have done to find your family doctor.

As with many other professionals in Germany, many dentists do speak some English and you should not have much problem finding one who does.

There are no membership fees. So much so, that some Germans now go to other European countries for treatments and foreigners wait until they visit their home country to schedule a visit to the dentist!

So, it might be good to go to your dentist for a complete exam before moving to Germany. All this came about when the government made reforms to the state insurance system, greatly reducing coverage of dental treatments.

The routine treatments such as filling and bucal hygiene are still completely covered by state Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung and private Krankenversicherung health insurance, but major dental works is not.

You can get extra dental coverage, for a fee, if you are part of the state health insurance. You can also shop around for better coverage.

In the end, if your teeth hurt and you must go, then go. You will be in good hands. It just that they are expensive hands! Emergency Phone Numbers The telephone number for dental, or any other kind of, emergency is the same as for the police: Dental emergency services are available throughout Germany and you'll find a list of dentists on emergency call in the daily newspapers.

They do not sell the latest in video technologies or the brand new-up-to-date carpet cleaner. German pharmacies sell medications and only medications.

Apotheken plural of Apotheke sell prescription drugs and over the counter medications, although you will see that even the "over-the-counter" drugs are in sealed display cases.

You have to ask the pharmacist Apotheker in for what you want, you can not pick it up for yourself. Even Aspirin. Which, by the way, you can also find in what is call a Drogerie kind of Drugstore, not to be confused with the Pharmacy.

The German Drugstore is a shop where you can buy products for body care such as shampoo and tooth paste but also house cleaners and diet snacks.

Except for a few rare over-the-counter pharmaceuticals such as Aspirin and throat losanges, there are no medications at all in the German Drugstore.

Pharmacist or Chemist The German pharmacist Apotheker in has more latitude when it comes to prescribing medications and it is quite often faster to go directly to the Pharmacy, explain your symptoms to 36 the pharmacist and get the proper medications in no time.

We also notice that almost all of them speak good English. Better even than the medical doctors and the dentists.

Costs of Medications Another point is that, because a good part all of it for children of the cost of prescribed generic medications is reimbursed by health insurance government or private , medications are somewhat cheaper than in North America.

You will also find that there are lots and lots of Apotheken everywhere! I remember in Trier, the oldest city in Germany, we had counted five or six Pharmacies in a radius of less than one kilometer around our hotel.

So, not to worry if you need drugs, you should have no problem spotting one. Business Hours As with most stores, the Apotheken are closed in the evening and from Saturday afternoon 1 or 2 pm until Monday morning, as well as during public holidays.

In Case of Emergency If you urgently need medications outside of the business hours, go to the nearest Pharmacy and look for the Notdienst on the door or in the window, it is a notice with the name and address of the nearest Pharmacy that is on duty for the weekend Notdienst , or look at the pharmacy emergency section Apotheken-Notdienst in local newspapers that also gives the addresses of the pharmacies open outside normal hours see also www.

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